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Sole Purpose Footcare is pleased to annouce the addition of a Salt Therapy Booth.  Please visit our Salt Therapy Booth page for details and benefits.

Salt Therapy Booth Pricing:


10 minute booth session – $20
25 minute (10 minute booth plus room relaxation session) – $35

Multi-session at a time (bundle) purchase discount:

Purchase 5 – 9 sessions, receive 5% discount
Purchase 10 – 14 sessions, receive 10% discount
Purchase 15 – 20 sessions receive 15% discount

Pricing for our pedicures and other services:

All Pedicures include:

  • Thorough foot evaluation**
  • Precise toenail shaping
  • Expert cuticle care
  • Personalized massage
  • Polish if desired

**Disclaimer: We do not diagnose, treat, or offer a medical opinion.

Active Pedicure

Designed for those who are on their feet all day, require expert evaluation, and smoothing of out of control calluses.

Athletes, especially Runners * Shift Workers * Retail * Hairdressers * Construction Workers* Health Care Workers

  • Sugar scrub softens and recharges
  • E-File reduces thick calluses
  • Massage relieves tense muscles
  • Paraffin soothes tired feet
  • Warm steamy towels seal in moisture

$73.00 (45-60 minutes)
+ $18 for Hydration Steam Treatment
+$13 for Paraffin Hand Treatment

Signature Pedicure

Designed to rejuvenate dry skin.  A great choice for those in good general health.  Safe for people with autoimmune diseases and other health options.

Controlled Diabetes * Lupus * Arthritis * Psoriasis * Thyroid Disease * Parkinson’s * Undergoing or have taken Chemotherapy or Radiation

  • Sugar scrub gently exfoliates dry skin
  • E-File reduces calluses
  • Massage boosts circulation
  • Paraffin moisturizes and hydrates
  • Warm steamy towels lock in moisture

$68.00 (45-60 minutes)
+ $18 for Hydration Steam Treatment
+$13 for Paraffin Hand Treatment

Maintenance Pedicure

Designed for those who need help with routine nail trim and cuticle care.

Cannot bend * Difficult to cut own nails * Recent surgeries * Back issues * As well as those in good general health.

$53.00 (30-45 Minutes)
+$13 for Paraffin Hand Treatment

Hydration Steam Treatment with Essential Oils

  • Opens pores
  • Enhances circulation
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Increases relaxation


Restorative Nailslcn-barefoot-nail-corrections

Are you missing part of your toe nail or do they not grow the way you like? LCN Barefoot is the only anti-mycotic, (prevents bacteria from entering the toe nail), LED light curing one component resin to restore toenails partially or completely. It is flexible and adjusts to movements of the nails and feet, therefore completely comfortable and natural unlike acrylic nails.  These are perfect for runners or individuals going through chemotherapy who no longer have ideal nails and need to protect the top of their toes.

Restorative nails may last from one week to four weeks.  Since it is made of a gel product, daily cleansing is essential to prevent bacteria.  We have a daily spray available for purchase to assist with the cleaning.

$73 First Large Toe Nail
$38 Second Large Toe Nail

$28-33 Additional Nails
$38 Cleansing Spray

First Visit – $108 includes one toe nail and cleansing spray

Paraffin Hand Treatment Add-On

A great way to give your skin a refreshing drink. Paraffin will give your hands the drink of moisture it needs and it helps with tired and achy muscles. It can be added to any Pedicure.


Prices subject to change without notice

Please visit our Policies page prior to making an appointment.

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