The Sole Purpose Foot Care Difference

Before opening Sole Purpose Foot Care, I was frustrated with the salon industry and its overall lack of concern for a client’s well being and health.  My goal is to properly

Dee Dee Harper, MNT, ANT

care for the health of your feet, as well as your overall health.  I am a Medical Nail Technician (MNT).  I can perform a safe cosmetic pedicure on people who are chronically ill as well as people who are healthy. I provide pedicures for those who are suffering from various health problems:

  • Autoimmune diseases such as:
    • Controlled Diabetes
    • Arthritis
    • Psoriasis
    • Thyroid disease
  • Taking or have taken chemotherapy or radiation

Proper Sterilization and Sanitation

Sole Purpose Footcare Autoclave

One of the differences you may notice when you make your appointment is my concern for proper sterilization.  At Sole Purpose Foot Care, I sterilize all of my implements in an autoclave; a device that uses steam under pressure to kill all bacteria, viruses, fungus and spores on their surfaces.  I also use an e-file with a vacuum system and then autoclave the bits.  Additionally, I use single-use files and buffers for each pedicure.  The state board does not require salons to sterilize their implements in this way.  However, I go above and beyond to provide a safe and healthy atmosphere for my clients. Another method I use to ensure proper sanitation is the waterless pedicure.  A water-less pedicure ensures that your feet remain properly hydrated, as well as avoiding issues with bacteria possible with whirlpool tubs.

Recognizing Foot Care Issues

As the only Medical Nail Technician in the state of Kentucky, I am able to recognize, recommend and refer potential health problems to a doctor.  For example:

  • Spotting lesions on the foot; many diabetics have thick calluses that may hide potential problems.  I would be able to spot these during my examination of your foot.
  • Identifying possible infections on the feet
  • If the  biomechanics of your feet make walking or standing uncomfortable, I can refer you to a podiatrist. You and the podiatrist could discuss orthotics to help relieve some of that pain.
  • Recognizing possible abnormalities through a foot evaluation, such as trauma to the nails.  Or, the potential need  to see a doctor if I think you need to be diagnosed, then treated.

What People Are Saying!

Dee Dee Harper of Sole Purpose Foot Care helps healthy people and those with health problems get their feet feeling and looking great!

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Kentucky Mask Mandate

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

In order to comply with Gov. Beshear’s Mandatory Mask Executive Order, and to protect our clients and staff, Sole Purpose requires all clients to wear a face covering when entering the salon. We greatly appreciate your help allowing us continue to provide a clean and sterile enverionment, in addition to allowing us to remain open throughout the continuing pandemic.